Data Protection

If you process personal data in an automated form (i.e. on computer) then it is a legal requirement that you register with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Failure to register is a criminal offence.

To check whether you need to register please read our guide.

We can prepare your notification form for registering your business with the ICO for £95. A completed form will be sent to you for signature. This will then need to be sent by you along with the applicable ICO registration fee*. Full details will be provided with the completed form.

* The ICO fee depends on the size of the company’s turnover. The Tier 1 fee is £35 but if your business has a turnover in excess of £25.9m and you employ more than 250 employees this falls into Tier 2 and the fee is £500.

Your business will be required to comply with the Data Protection Act if it is processing personal data. There are severe consequences for businesses who fail to comply; in addition to the potential for criminal sanctions, the ICO is now empowered to impose fines of up to £500,000 for breaches. It is important that you adopt the correct policies and train your staff appropriately. A number of useful guides and checklists are available from the ICO website –

You may order the following from us for use in your business:

Data Protection Policy - £35.00

This is a general policy statement for your business which demonstrates your business’ commitment to compliance with the Data Protection legislation. It also contains the 8 Data Protection Act Principles.

Data Protection Registration - £95.00

You may be required to register your business with the Information Commissioner’s Office. If you are required to register with the Information Commissioner and fail to do so it is a criminal offence. We can help you register from as little as £95.

Privacy Policy - £20.00

The Information Commissioner encourages organisations that are collecting information about individuals to collect this information in a fair and transparent manner and to adopt and publish a policy for its customers to view. If you have a website and you collect information about individuals it is recommended that you publish a Privacy Policy on your site for customers to view. Our template policy meets with ICO good practice guidelines for the majority of online businesses which collect information about its customers for its own business. It is not suitable if your business is a marketing business involving the sale of customer data to third parties. 

Records Management Policy - £35.00

This policy can be used by your business to communicate to your staff how records should be held, stored and destroyed. It is based on best practice principles and conforms with the Data Protection Act Principles.