Contract Negotiation Service

Do you need to negotiate a critical contract or terms and conditions, but don’t feel you have the skills or experience to do a good job of it?

Whether negotiating simple or complex contracts, it can prove far more cost effective to employ the services of an experienced lawyer to negotiate a better outcome and deal.

Our contract negotiation service provides experienced commercial lawyers to negotiate contracts on your behalf, achieving the very best outcome possible.

Ideal in situations where

  • The other side has employed a lawyer!
  • It is a complex issue which may have financial consequences
  • The negotiation is with a more established company
  • It is a valuable contract
  • A more professional image is required


Call us to discuss, and we will schedule a time to meet in order to get a full brief and understanding of the contract to be negotiated. We will then email you a quote (with a daily rate) and once agreed the contract negotiation will commence.

The Benefits

  • A better outcome
  • Better legal protection for your business
  • Legal risks are minimised
  • More cost effective
  • Professional company image
  • Peace of mind

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